Budleigh’s old railway line

Budleigh Old Railway

The old railway arches of Budleigh Salterton

2 – 3 miles and very easy terrain.

Built in the late 19th century and closed down in 1967. Today there is little to see although if one looks closely enough there are some little nuggets. This walk can take as long or as short as you want it to but for at least 20 minutes you can let your mind drift back to those days of steam as the trains came chuffing along winding their way between Budleigh and Sidmouth, Newton Poppleford etc. History Link and another

A walk along this section provides plenty of seating as there are benches dotted all the way through. It starts on the side of the B3178 main road from East Budleigh to Budleigh Salterton and ends just before Leas Road. From here you can take a leisurley stroll into town or turn round and go back. However, if you walk into the town centre there are plenty of places to eat and drink and you can take a walk along the seafront before heading back to the Lime Kiln car park, and if your car is in South Farm road then just take the footpath alongside the river Otter which is a 15-20 minute walk in itself to reach South Farm road.

For the early bird there are a few free spaces in South Farm Road, if there is no luck there then there is always the Lime Kiln car park just a little further down the B3178 towards Budleigh and turning left at the monument. From the car park there is a footpath to the left of the play area. Follow this through and past the entrance to the cricket club then turn right to follow the path behind the houses. This path will take you through to South Farm Road, there are a couple of small gates along the way. Once in South Farm Road turn left and walk the road as it sweeps left uphill – keep to the right. Once you are at the junction to the main road look to your right and see the national speed signs. Just past these signs and across the road you will see the steps leading up to the railway bridge. At the end of the line you can simply cross the road and turn right to walk into town just ten minutes away before heading back to the car park from the picturesque seafront. Enjoy the walk.