Tunnel Lane Honiton

Tunnel Lane Honiton is the start of an easy going walk with a bit of rough ground in one area. Approx 2.5 miles (4.02km).

The starting point is on Monkton Road (Grid ref: ST 16692 00846) just by the Renault dealership. One should start with the Renault dealership on their right. Cross the road after the dealership while continuing in the same direction. Do not go under the railway bridge but stay left and continue down the narrow country lane. There is a left turn for Otter Valley Park & The Cedars – ignore this and carry on as the road becomes Tunnel Lane. Just follow it along its length as it slowly winds uphill.

At the other end you will find yourself on a wider hill (Northcote Hill), turn left and walk up a little way going past a cottage on your left. Shortly on the right is an unmetalled road (rough and broken surface here), take this and continue up to the bench for a well earned rest and a view across the fields.

After our rest we took the left hand style as pictured above. This simply follows along the bottom of a field and takes you down to Hale Farm. Once at the farm the footpath continues off to the right, just before the old farmhouse.

As you go down the footpath there may be a twisted old metal gate closing off the path, go through this and just carry on following your nose. Eventually you will walk past a tree and some properties on your right before finding yourself back on the road and in Hale Lane. At the end of Hale Lane one can turn right, down the hill and round the corner to head back to the starting point or take the pedestrian controlled lights in Monkton road and head back into town for a bite to eat.

Bing Maps has an Ordnance survey option, see here.

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