About Us

Its more about me than us. I’m Michaela Watkins and I try to get out every week to walk somewhere different. For me it all started in spring of 2018. I had really not walked for pleasure much despite living in the area almost my whole life, that had to change. I grew up in Exmouth in the 70’s and 80’s and never seemed to venture too far but the seafront was a regular place to have fun. We had an aquarium and a zoo at one time.

From time to time when I’m driving or walking I look at the clumps of trees, wood ed areas on the hilltops and think to myself, “Whats it like up there?” So, off I go and find out. With the help of my OS Maps in my Viewranger account and Google searches I find out where to go. It’s so great to get out and here in Devon we have so much to enjoy. I hope this website proves useful to you in finding a good walk.

On top of High Peak, Peak Hill Sidmouth